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Just a year ago everyone was clamoring to build for the iPhone and had scant interest in building an Android app. Oh what a difference a year makes. Google’s operating system is now blowing everyone out of the water in the smartphone market; with a 38.1% share.  Apple is now a distant second with a 26.6% share.  What about Blackberry’s RIM platform?..forget about it. They’re toast, as they’ve now dropped 14.5% to 24.7% market share.  See chart:

Samsung , LG and Motorola are leading the way in smartphones sales with iPhone at #4.  All use Google’s operating system and all have equivalent if not better phones than Apple. The cool factor of the iPhone is starting to wear off and its competition is getting better and better. So if you’re a marketer, you better plan on creating that Android app first.

It used to be iPhone users would look down on me and scoff at the thought of using any other device; in spite of the fact that 80% of their calls were dropped.  Well, look who’s scoffing now.  Me and my Samsung feel vindicated.  Now start building me some apps.

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