Tweets from D.C.’s Earthquake

I thought I’d provide some news coverage from the D.C. earthquake brought to you by the citizen journalists of Twitter. Enjoy

D.C. Earthquake Devastation

  • Earthquake made me spill my tea.. I’m available for interviews
  • don’t let that earthquake stop you from reading my funny blog post that went up just before the earthquake. Don’t compound the tragedy.
  • I know my mother will be very hurt that I didn’t check on her after the earthquake that I know she survived.
  • It appears as though the earthquake may have taken out Farmville.
  • Is standing below buildings a preferred method of earthquake safety?
  • EVERYBODY CALM DOWN and each time you encounter the word “earthquake” replace it with “milkshake” until further notice.
  • Sarah Palin says she could see the earthquake from her house.
  • Tweets about the earthquake travel faster than the actual seismic waves
  • Hey, remember when that earth quake happened and we all Twittered about it?
  • Wolf Blitzer is on the phone with the earthquake
  • I survived the earthquake. I am also now warlord of post-earthquakeNYC
  • You guys. Earthquake tweet jokes are sooo 20 minutes ago
  • After the #earthquake, now is the time to put partisanship aside, come together as one, and go shopping
  • Ducks are taking over the world now? Ruunnnn!!! #earthquake RT @DeenaNicoleMTV: Omgggg we just had a frickn earth quack! I’m freakinggg out!
  • Local TV station talks to #earthquake victims, who were forced to stand outside in sunny, 80-degree weather
  • GOP press release questioning #earthquake science: “Scientists don’t agree on why the ground shakes. Could be plates. Could be the devil.”
  • What I love about the Internet: it took us less time to learn the magnitude than to exit the building. #earthquake
  • Earthquake strikes United States. Why hasn’t President Obama responded? 44 minutes ago
  • Aren’t animals supposed to do pre-earthquake tricks like run around on their hind legs & smoke cigarettes? My dog did NOTHING
  • New Yorkers forced to meet their annoying neighbors thanks to earthquake.
  • My dog Sasha slept soundly through the earthquake. So much for that whole “animals will warn you!” thing..
  • Co-workers now awkwardly resuming their days after blurting out honest opinions in face of death. #earthquake
  • Maybe the debt ceiling finally collapsed
  • Text “I Spilled My Iced Latte” to 90999 to donate $1 to the victims of the NYC earthquake
  • i hope the world doesn’t end before i use all these groupons

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