Latest Ratings of Reputation Management Tools

toolsI’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding the best free and paid social media monitoring tools so I started to do a little research on the subject. I can’t speak to many of the paid tools out there, as I’ve only used Scoutlabs, but I’ve compiled the most comprehensive rating resources to help companies find the right one for them.

Paid Tool Reviews

The most up-to-date review of the fee based reputation monitoring management tools seems to be from Dr Dave Chaffey’s blog titled: “Online Brand Reputation or Social Media Listening Software – a Review of 26 Tools.” With the help of Michael Brewer they have compiled a very comprehensive directory of the leading brand monitoring tools. Here are a few other reviews that I found.

Free Tool Reviews

For those that aren’t ready to lay down some cash yet there are a few options that can be cobbled together to give you an idea of the conversations that are taking place around your brand. These are cheaper but they’re not as comprehensive as what you get from the paid services. Here are some sites that rate these free tools:

Feel free to share any more tools (paid or free) that you’ve used and would recommend.

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