Generate New Business and Engage Existing Clients through Social Media 1

While social media seems ever present these days, there is still a lot of confusion on how to identify, connect with and engage potential partners, customers and vendors. You hear the hubbub about how social media is revolutionizing marketing, sales, retail, healthcare, journalism but you’re still not sure how you can get utilize social channels for your business.

You may already have a Facebook page, Twitter account and/or LinkedIn profile yet nothing is generating any new business and you’re not even engaging with your existing clients (that is, if they’ve managed to find you out there). At this point you’re probably wondering, with a good deal of frustration, “What am I missing? How does this social media thing work?”

The truth is, social media isn’t a replacement for the marketing and communication efforts you already have in place. People still do business with people and not with profiles.  However, social media can have an important place in your marketing mix and can greatly enhance your presence in an online world.

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I develop strategic direction for social media and digital initiatives; specializing in the integration of digital, social, mobile and off-line channels to engage consumers at all points along consumer’s path-to-purchase.

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