Digital Marketing Gaps in Skills May Hinder Sales Results

Struggle in Building A Digital Marketing Team

Hiring managers these days are struggling to find good digital marketing talent according to the Online Marketing Institute. They surveyed almost 750 Fortune 500 and ad agency execs and the results showed there’s a vast gap between the digital marketing expertise needed by organizations and the talent that is actually available to them at every level.

Many times the trouble starts with the hiring managers who don’t have enough work experience in hiring the optimal digital marketing team. About 30% of the time companies haven’t hired in the past year because they can’t figure out who to go to for talent.

Digital Talent Gap

Just Getting By
Many companies are doing just enough by working with the talent they already have to sustain their digital marketing campaigns. Many times the tech people don’t have the marketing skills and the marketers are lacking the tech skills so its difficult to get someone to pull it altogether.

Invest In Talent
If companies are just maintaining current staffing but they’re most certainly missing significant opportunities that better qualified digital talent, contractors or consultants could take advantage of. It may take some time and the willingness to pay for experience but if companies dedicate themselves to finding digital talent with the proper skills and experience they will have a much better shot at:

  • Generating more leads
  • Growing revenue
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Demonstrating ROI


digital_marketing_infographicHere are some resources to finding the best talent:

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