Tweets from D.C.’s Earthquake

I thought I’d provide some news coverage from the D.C. earthquake brought to you by the citizen journalists of Twitter. Enjoy Earthquake made me spill my tea.. I’m available for interviews don’t let that earthquake stop you from reading my funny blog post that went up just before the earthquake. […]

Mobile Marketing: Better Start Developing That Android App 1

Just a year ago everyone was clamoring to build an iPhone app and had scant interest in building for Android. Oh what a difference a year makes. Google’s operating system is beginning to blow everyone out of the water in the smartphone market with a 38.1% share of the market. Apple is now a distant second with a 26.6% share.

Social Media for Entertainers 1

I’ve been having a great time recently conducting research social media for the entertainment community. But what I realized is there isn’t a great deal of information out there pertaining to this industry, especially as it relates to smaller local entertainers. I thought that odd as its obviously this is […]

So You’re On Twitter & LinkedIn – Now What?

People still do business with people and not with profiles. However, Twitter and LinkedIn are two valuable tools in identifying and finding potential partners, customers and vendors, and get you to that ever-important first meeting. You just have to know how to effectively engage your audience using these social media networks.

Selling with Social Media

I’ve been honored to speak at the Tour Minnesota Association this spring at the Science Museum of Minnesota on the subject of utilizing social media for the purposes of sales and networking. The event’s theme is “Go for the Gold!” Sell, Sell, Sell!” in response to the recent economic recession. […]