Social Media

Big Data Key to Understanding Path-To-Purchase

A recent article by David Edelman, For Big Data to Work, You Need Intuition, mentioned how big data is becoming critical to making good business decisions, however, companies need to have the right people in place looking for the right information. It’s imperative for the data scientist or analyst to […]

Is Your Customer Service Team on Social Media?

Is your call center staff on Twitter, Facebook and/or other social media channels?  If not, they should be. This department is best suited for addressing customer concerns and issue resolution yet many of these teams are not engaging on social media.  Your marketing department is probably seeing customer service conversations […]

Humor Lost on Brands

More brands are starting to do a better job of measuring consumer’s engagement with their brand however they’re still not able or willing to put out content that will best boost that consumer’s willingness to share content. While humor is certainly subjective, there needs to be a willingness of brands to be bold and inject a little levity into their posts. It’s this human element that companies have to address if they ever want to truly connect with their customers.

Organizational Digital Stress Disorder

This past month I visited a few friends and colleagues I that haven’t seen for a while and who all work in the digital marketing arena. Through my conversations over coffee and lunch I’ve picked up on a common theme. Apparently they all seem to be suffering from Organizational Digital […]

Keeping Your Mobile App Simple

We in the marketing and communications field do have a tendency to want to cram all of our strategies into each one of our channels from Facebook content to website links, but we need to step back and identify/align specific strategies and goals to individual channels, especially our mobile applications.

How Social Media Affects the Consumer’s Decision to Buy

Google recently came out with some research called Zero Moment of Truth that very clearly and convincingly lays out the business case for social media and how it impacts the consumer’s buying journey. Google states that the Zero Moment of Truth is the moment when a consumer picks up a […]